A Pumpkin Homage to The Exile: page 5

So I thought it might be kind of funny to carve Jamie Fraser’s naked behind (from the infamous page 5 of The Exile) into a pumpkin. Oh boy, was I right. I can’t help but giggle uncontrollably each time I look at it. My hubs even agrees that it’s hysterical.

 Jamie’s bottom glowing like a beacon in the night. What on earth will the neighbors think?! ;)


59 comments on “A Pumpkin Homage to The Exile: page 5

  1. Rachel says:

    My love for you knows no bounds! Oh my god woman, this is epic on a scale of things that make people do a double take. You will have to post a picture to Greggo.

  2. Bridget says:

    Omg!! That is AWESOME!! New screensaver time! Great carving girl!

  3. Oh, wow. I’m flabbergasted that you actually thought of this, and then carried out such a flawless execution! *LOVE!* It’s really too bad that the pumpkin is made of mere flesh, and will in time turn into wrinkly Jaime butt.

  4. Carol says:

    Holy mother of god on high. This is the SINGLE MOST AMAZING pumpkin I have EVER seen!! And I thought the Edward Cullen pumpkin carving stencils were cool!!!!!

  5. Jan H. says:

    I’m not much of a fan of Halloween but after this I am a total convert! Wow!

  6. T.Y. says:

    This is awesome! And this post made my day! You are the coolest Outlander fan ever!

  7. beth says:

    That is GREAT!!!

  8. Karen Henry says:

    That made me laugh out loud. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


  9. slfisher says:

    wow! how long did that take you? what tools did you use? that’s *amazing*!

    • I think the whole thing took a little over an hour. I used a kitchen knife and one of those tiny orange mini-saws from a pumpkin carving kit from Target. I sat outside with my pups, free-handed the design on the pumpkin and went for it. Trust me, I did not expect it to turn out so well!

  10. wonderful. just wonderful.

  11. I am over the moon that so many people are enjoying my pumpkin!!

  12. Suzy says:


  13. deltaTN says:

    This is just too much fun! I know your house will be the most popular place in the neighborhood to visit this Halloween.[G] What a talent – you as the artist, and [cough]your subject! Seriously, you are amazing!

  14. ChristieH says:

    So… now all we need is the wedding night pic.
    On second thought, the neighbors may have a really big problem with that one! Seriously, though, what can I say? You have made my day!

  15. M&M says:

    That is just incredible!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloweenie to YOU!

    • Thank you for the link, I really am thrilled that other people are getting such a kick out of it :) I would like to join the community over at Compuserve if I ever get the time to venture out!

      • Karen Henry says:

        And we would love to have you join us on Compuserve! Diana likes to hear from her readers and fans, and we’re always happy to welcome new people there.

        Karen Henry
        (Section Leader of Diana Gabaldon’s section on Compuserve)

  16. […] *Blue Moon Magnolia is a pumpkin carving genius! Check out her homage to Jamie Fraser’s naked behind. […]

  17. deniz says:

    That is *amazing*. I wish he was on my doorstep. I think I’d sit outside…

  18. Cornish cousin Leslie says:

    Absolutely DEEE lightful! LOL! I wish I’d thought of it myself! The way the candlelight plays on the “moons” are wonderful!

  19. Carolyn F says:

    I love it! I wonder if my family would be okay with that by our front door?

  20. lalsox says:

    Truly incredible. To envision it is one thing – to execute it so flawlessly? Wow.

  21. Jayne says:

    This picture would make a perfect notecard. Is there any possibility that you will create notecards out of the Pumpkin Homage to The Exile? I am ready to place my order!

  22. Roberta says:

    Wow Jamie’s behind looks great on anything…in a book, in a chair, on a pumpkin, anywhere!

  23. deltaTN says:

    Hey, there! How about an update on the Great Pumpkin! So how much did your neighbors love Jamie? [G] Dying to know what they thought about Jamie in all his glory!

    • Everyone loved Jamie and his naked behind!!!It was nicknamed my “bum-pkin” ;) But unfortunately he didn’t make it to Halloween (On the bright side, it did solve the dilemma of whether or not I should have it out when the kids were trick-or-treating!). He started shrinking and curling up and I considered posting a photo…but I figured it would be best if we all just remembered him in his prime :)

  24. […] up and it is absolutely beautiful! I practically had a heart attack when I saw it…because my Pumpkin Homage (and my blog!) is mentioned on the “Fan Art” page!! I literally screamed at the top of […]

  25. Christina says:

    I also have just finished the Outlander series. I keep searching for a book that will fill the hole! I happened across a book called Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. It is also a series, just so happens that a review written by a reader was also a Gabaldon fan. I just downloaded book due to review and to my surprise on page 2, there is a review written by Diana herself! How exciting! She loved the book! Just wanted to let you know that there is hope. Perhaps a book that will fill the void until Jamie and Claire return!

    • Hi Christina! I bought Into the Wilderness a few months ago and have been saving it until the serious withdrawal sets in :) Stop back by and let me know what you think about it when you’re finished!

  26. Amy Ardon says:

    You’ll be delighted to know that Diana gave this pumpkin a wonderful mention when discussing the graphic novel at a fundraising event in Flagstaff in March, 2011. Upon hearing about it from DG’s own lips, I had to check it out. It’s as grand and glorious as Herself said that it was. Brava for the Samhain bum extraordinaire.

  27. Nicole says:

    I just stumbled across this picture and OMG, you are my new hero!!! I shared it with some friends on FB (as a link to your post, of course) and everyone agrees that it’s the single greatest pumpkin ever. Kudos!!!

  28. Marie Sylvie says:

    I love it. Do you have time for Claire?

  29. Nellie Cross says:

    The neighbours will think that woman is an abosoute raving genious with a carving knife.Requets will be pouring in from all over!

  30. Excellent job! Love his muscular cheeks. ;-)

  31. This beats my hubby’s Frankenstein pumpkin hands down! Nicely done…Theresa

    Ps. Have you checked out OutlanderKitchen.com yet?

  32. Denise Twist says:

    Hands down (buns bared?) the best pumpkin carving I have ever seen! Is it odd to be so excited over a pumpkin???

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  34. Kelly says:

    I am amazed at this! It is fantastic and I love it! Ahhhh the glow of the moon has never been so intoxicating LOL!

  35. Charlene says:

    That is so great! How did you do it!

  36. JustHeather says:

    Thank you for this amazing piece of work!

  37. grammakaren says:

    Everywhere I go I am looking for “Jamie”. Thank you for more details to make my search a little easier. I will never forget “that side” of Jamie!

  38. […] the key was rhyming ‘canny, aye?’ (likely due to the posting of Diana’s infamous Jamie butt pumpkin that evening as well) most tried to think of euphemisms for bum.  This was not helpful at all, but […]

  39. sandra gaskell says:

    Wow that is an ace carving, you will have to take up sculpting can just see it in wood pottery or bronze ….. mmmmm want to rub those buttocks

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